About Greenbz Investment PLC


Greenbz Investment PLC (GIP) is committed to provide superior Ethiopian agricultural products and importing green energy supplies. The funders have worked as an international business consultants and now seek to continue creating positive impact in the business community.

Our export division offers an extensive range of high quality oil seeds and pulses of Ethiopian origin sourced from local farmers, the Ethiopian commodity exchange (ECX) and co-operatives.

Our premium quality products and our impeccable service, have established us amongst industry leaders in agricultural exports. Originating from farmer producers and elevators in the heartland of Ethiopian agriculture, our products are trans-loaded into containers for shipment around the world.

Our company’s operations extend across procurement, processing, warehousing, transport, and containerized export. We are a full-service supplier with a flexible, logistical network capable of fulfilling orders of any size and specification.

The company imports solar supplies and raw materials for industrial uses.

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Going green in all energy supplies

Boosting our sales volume and commodity distribution destinations throughout the world

Establishing lasting relationships with our customers

Building a dynamic, innovative and cohesive management staff towards the realization of the companies objectives and goals




Social Responsibilities

Corporate Responsibilities





Contributing towards a greener world through the development of green energy business

Establish the biggest solar manufacturing plant in Ethiopia

Becoming the best sourcing partner for pulses & oilseeds for global consumers through value addition

Professional Associations
Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Association (AACCSA)
Ethiopian Pulses, Oil-Seeds, and Spices Processors Exporters Association (EPOSPEA)
Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX)
International Pulse Trade and Industries
Markets Served

GIP is one of the leading exporters of Ethiopian agricultural products. We export our products to:

Middle East (Saudi, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE )
EU (Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Turkey )
Asia (Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam )